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Everything can change because of One Story... MR TEASEL My Hero

I never realized how frustrated the  Lyme disease community is for lack of proper testing  and how  desperate they are for an effective long term cure. This public state of affairs was only appreciated after   discovering my own personal path out of Lyme despair and depression. I didn’t have a clue that there were vast numbers of  people  trapped in their own personal Lyme disease dungeon, exactly  where I was imprisoned just  a few months ago. Only later was it clear that I was exceptionally lucky to find the key out of this imponderable mess.

The myriad of forums, blogs , websites and books dedicated to this insidious maladie have been my wakeup call to action.  The desperate  state of the Lyme community is my reason  to spread the word about teasel  mother tinctures that changed my life forever.

I won’t stop until this website and my book’s message is spread world wide. I promise, I will never stop.

Jim Lindl