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About the Book

MR. TEASEL My Hero is a 285 page, 105,000 word, deeply personal exposé of the author’s successful battle against Lyme Disease using a “Teasel Weed” phytotherapy protocol, supported by advanced high-tech nutritional supplements. The book is heavily infused with useful references if the reader needs to go in-depth for further study of the subject and demonstrates that holistic healing can be hiding in plain sight and is often readily available for everybody to use.

Although the book is written in breezy story form, narrative style, there is a rich tapestry of hyperlinks and technical data that leads the reader through an intriguing journey, crosscut with social commentary, medical history and anecdotal side-bar snippets that are sometimes entertaining . . . if not often thought provoking. None-the-less, lurking below the surface of this book’s lively tone is the pervasive dread this single Lyme infected tick bite generated in the life of the author, Jim Lindl.

By the book’s midpoint, it is clear that the author’s successful healing solution came about only because of numerous supportive individuals who all contributed a piece of the healing puzzle that solved the elusive riddle for Jim; how to eradicate all symptoms of his Lyme Disease. After being infected by Lyme bacteria for over 7 years, and fighting to overcome this soul crushing condition, Jim finally found his solution to regain the robust health he had known for six decades. During an 82-day period, December 5th, 2015 to February 24th, 2016, he followed the Teasel protocol as outlined in Dr. Wolf Storl’s book. The entire 82-day process of healing is written in real time, day by day, with refreshing honesty and in full living color that connects to the reader’s heart.

MR. TEASEL is Jim’s hero, and also truly the hero of this book! Teasel weeds growing in the ditch! Who would have known the solution was hiding in plain sight?!