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Book Review: A trail map out of my personal wilderness

Hope at 32,000 feet

For 31 years I have been a wild land firefighter.  My knees are bone on bone, my back is bent, and my hips and shoulders ache constantly. I do not have Lyme Disease.

I recently had to endure a 6-hour flight across the US from coast to coast and to pass the time I decided to read an “e-book” that was recommended to me by a friend of mine. He mentioned that this author maybe on to something new that I might find useful. Reading the first several chapters, I was immediately struck by the amazing similarities that the authors life and mine had in common. From arduous careers, the love of the high mountains and unfortunately, the pain we deal with. As I have dealt with my injuries through western medicine so had he. It has not been working.

As I read through the chapters of MR. TEASEL My Hero, by Jim Lindl, I found myself reading faster and faster, getting swept up in Jim’s struggles to find answers to his maladies. Jim’s struggles where my struggles. His experiences with pain meds, insurance companies and our health care system where all too familiar to me. But somewhere over the Rockies, Jim took me down a trail on his trail map that I had not travelled, the trail of holistic natural self-healing. I was intrigued to say the least as his success started to unfold and quite frankly amazed at his determination. I started to wonder, if Jim, an old timber cutter, could do this, then why can’t an old ground pounder like me do this?  At flight level 32,000 Jim had giving me knew hope, new energies, and a look at new possibilities. And, in this book, Jim has also left me a pretty darn good trail map out of my personal wilderness.

I have another flight coming up next month. This book will go with me I hope…

Jim Neumann, Battalion Chief (Ret)
Los Osos, Ca. August 2016


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