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Book Review: an incredible feat documenting his complete recovery from Lyme disease

Jim Lindl has accomplished an incredible feat documenting his complete recovery from Lyme disease.  With great eloquence, wisdom and humor, MR. TEASEL My Hero recounts a healing story that desperately needs to be shared at this time…  Layered with great healing solutions, it could also restore one’s faith in Mother Nature!

Lyme disease, and the bacteria infected ticks who roam our forests and meadows may have found their match in the simple healing plants that nature provides us in the most uncanny of places – on the sides of the roads surrounding us!

It was Jim Lindl’s research and determination to heal his Lyme disease symptoms naturally that led him to renowned anthropologist and ethnobotanist , Dr. Storl.  In his book, Healing Lyme Disease Naturally, Dr. Storl will introduce Jim to the Wild Teasel plant, and from there, his true healing journey begins…  Armed with great knowledge, hope and a ferocious determination, Jim provides his body with the necessary healing ingredients to fight back!

Days and weeks unfolds, as Jim gives the readers an exact account of the protocol used, the effect on his body, and state of mind…  Nothing is left unsaid as Jim navigates these few months dedicated to eradicate Lyme disease from his body!  Readers will be left inspired, empowered and equipped to do the same for themselves.

If you or a loved one is suffering from the symptoms of Lyme disease, this book is a must read…

Chantal Lapointe

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