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Book Review: If a person has Lyme disease, they need to read this book

Leadership, vision, strength and resolve are what stand out after reading MR. TEASEL My Hero.

To me, these words describe the central story line from beginning to end. It is not surprising that Jim Lindl has written this incredibly important book. He exposes his life story alongside his Lyme disease affliction and metaphorically captivates the reader as he bares his soul. A powerful dance to say the least.

I’ve worked with Jim for nearly 25 years. He has inspired, influenced and guided uncountable numbers of individuals, including myself to reach for greatness and success. He led by his own example of courage, commitment and unshakeable belief that there was never a mountain too high for any of us to climb. The affliction with Lyme disease was perhaps the ultimate test of his resolve.

MR. TEASEL My Hero is a rare and riveting account of the authors seven year Lyme saga and how he overcame the symptoms in just 82 days! I was consumed from beginning to end, as there is so much more to this book than a disease healing story. A lot more. In fact, I read it twice. This book gave me energy. It gave me confirmation and inspiration about many things in my own life.

This book is important on many levels. I believe the solutions to eradicating Lyme disease are within these pages. “Maybe just maybe” Jim repeatedly writes. Maybe just maybe he has found the answer that millions of Lyme afflicted people are seeking to eradicate Lyme bacteria that has abducted their bodies, minds and spirits.

If a person has Lyme disease, they need to read this book. Everyone else should read this book too. You will see how belief, spirit and cooperative group synergy can bring wonderful things into our lives that are sometimes right in front of us.

Jim is a visionary leader and big thinker, no doubt. The book concludes with big picture thinking that is so typical of him: Forming The Teasel Foundation. He shares his vision and plans on how he will take his healing experience to others with Lyme disease on a world wide scale.

This book and The Teasel Foundation are a continuation of Jim’s life long personal discovery process that ultimately leads to helping and inspiring others.


Billings, MT

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