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Book Review: Nature looks after everything perfectly if we give it a chance.

The book MR. TEASEL My Hero, by James Lindl, is about Jim’s journey of discovery after he contracted Lyme disease from a tick bite that left him debilitated and in a wheelchair. His story takes the reader through his process to gain back a healthy life that he used to take for granted. Jim was determined to find a solution and visited numerous French Doctors, a Surgeon and two Doctors in America to get at the truth about the source of his problems so that a course of action could be taken.

When I met Jim Lindl in California, in 1993, he was the picture of health and confidence. He was the leader in a nutritional company. He was very bright, articulate, well spoken, and a nationally noted large meeting communicator. He was confident about life and how he could help others . . . but particularly confident about helping others improve their own personal health and gain additional life successes. Jim kept his personal life out of discussion and chose to help others on their path. In this book, he candidly opens his own life and his world for us to witness his recent healing battle. It is a guide for others to do the same.

In 2007, he retired and moved to France and bought a 9-acre farm where he grows vegetables and fruit trees. He became a studied organic farmer in his new life direction. After his tick bite, he noticed that his ability to physically and mentally do all the things he needed to maintain his farm kept decreasing over a 7-year period until he ended up in a wheelchair. When he discovered that he could no longer do even the most simple daily chores to run his farm, where he had always been so active, he became determined to find an effective course of action that would bring him back to normal health. He wanted to find an effective path that utilized natural products instead of using a traditional antibiotic regimen for his Lyme disease.

Jim had grown up as a survivor leaving home at 17 to make his way in the world. He became a logger. The men who become loggers are a different breed. Because of their physical strength and stamina, they perform some of the hardest and most dangerous work in the world.

The book is not only about what he did to rid himself of Lyme disease symptoms through nutrition and herbal tinctures, but he also takes the reader through his own process of emotional healing. This profound transformative healing process allowed him to acknowledge and heal old wounds that he had buried for decades.

Jim is most insightful about his discoveries and the entire healing process. Throughout this narrative journey, the reader comes to understand the inner workings of a complicated man who has opened himself to the many possible dimensions of healing. This process is sometimes graphic but can be a model of how to become a strong, vibrant person full of life.

MR. TEASEL My Hero, a 105,000 word lively journalistic account of his symptoms and his experience cooking off the Lyme bacteria, indicates that it can take months to actually rid the maladie. This well-written book covers in detail his comprehensive herbal and nutritional regime for Lyme symptoms but also goes through his protocol for cartilage regrowth and the herbal tinctures that he hopes will help in this process.

This highly descriptive 285 page narrative non-fiction, draws comparisons between the healthcare system in France and the US. It is clear there is a huge difference in health care costs between France and the US.

His knee had been attacked by the Lyme spirochetes and had deteriorated to a painful bone on bone tertiary condition. Because he has killed off the deeply burrowed Lyme spirochetes, he holds the belief that his cartilage could can now be re-grown. He is also very excited about the stem cell research and clinical repair that is currently being done in Colorado. This book includes numerous reference links to this promising new field of healing. He believes that his cartilage regrowth program will eventually work. A comprehensive program of herbal, nutritional and other holistic support has delivered Jim many benefits, including a near miraculous knee pain reduction to the point where he can now carry out normal daily functions on his farm . . . unaided.

One of the things that Jim made clear about his chosen path to healing is the following: “Nature looks after everything perfectly if we give it a chance. Nature is not in conflict with us . . . today we are in a terrible conflict with nature . . . and engaged in sometimes systemic moral conflict among ourselves.”

Being an organic farmer with an intimate understanding of the insect, bat, bird and reptilian environment and understanding that every plant has a natural ability to fight insects and pestilence, he has come to believe there is no need for pesticides and certainly no need for GMO food production. France and all of Europe have outlawed GMO products with vigorous protests from all levels of society, including the farmers! Organic farming and European methods of food production has given him a deep appreciation for a healthy way to grow food that feeds all of Europe.

He has taken a serious and sober philosophical look at how we can become more harmonious with each other: Namely, learning to listen to each other. When we seek human harmony, it sets us free. He absolutely knows social harmony is in plain sight . . . but it’s incumbent upon each individual to find it, and bring it out of hiding! He thinks harmony is within each and every human being.

After ridding himself of the Lyme spirochetes, Jim has found his life’s work in creating The Teasel Foundation. Its purpose is to reach others who are searching for a way to fight Lyme disease. Jim Lindl is on a mission to help as many people as he can so that they can be able to live a healthy, happy and energetic life

Jim is currently conducting research and communication with others, world wide, to have the most effective Teasel Tincture available to anybody who is interested.

In his recent 82 day healing period, he also has used and then writes some interesting commentary about the “Magic Mullein” herbal tinctures. This made a profound difference in the flexibility of his chronically tight and sometimes spasmodic lower back condition.

There is much to learn from reading MR. TEASEL My Hero. Please pass on this information to everybody. If they themselves do not have Lyme troubles, they most likely do know somebody who does, and can benefit by this insightful book.

A person can follow all these ongoing important developments on The Teasel Foundation website blog at

Johanna Baker, September 1st, 2016

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