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Book Review: This book is a call to arms to fight back!

MR. TEASEL My Hero is authored by a long time patient of mine, Jim Lindl. It’s a detailed account of his personal journey through the discovery and holistic treatment of his debilitating Lyme symptoms, as well as a raw, powerful and intriguing account of his life journey. This book has changed my life. In particular, it has changed the way I see my patients.

I began private practice in 1980 and became a chiropractor because my very first treatment by a chiropractor, Dr. Al Dettloff, completely changed my life. At the age of 5 I took a bad fall, fractured my skull, and for the next 15 years had exertion asthma. I could not exercise without medication and experienced multiple trips to the ER in severe respiratory distress. Dr. Dettloff adjusted my atlas and in a flash, my respiratory issues vanished. You could say it was a miracle, but actually, it was science. Specifically, he executed relief from occipital/atlas mechanical traction against the respiratory centers on my lower brain stem and Cranial Nerve X (the Vagus Nerve). It’s now 36 years later and I’ve treated well over 10,000 patients applying the same technology to qualified patients with previous injuries to their head and necks.

I met Jim Lindl many years ago in California before he moved to retire in France. Last Fall, 2015, he called me from France to see me for treatment, thinking that his head and neck was out of alignment again, and assumed the resulting shift in his pelvic posture was the cause of his knee troubles. When I saw the condition of Jim’s knee, I knew it was more than mechanical pressure, and that there was definitely an infection in the joint! I referred Jim to Dr. David Halverstadt. The ability to diagnose the root of Jim’s problem was right in his wheelhouse.

Honestly, I had no inclination whatsoever that Jim had Lyme disease. From the point of his Lyme diagnosis, Jim sought answers and solutions to somehow eradicate the disease from his life. And so began the daily journal which is now the highly detailed twenty-chapter “e-book”, MR. TEASEL My Hero.

Having followed the month by month healing journey of Jim since he left my office in September of 2015, and having watched the chapter by chapter story of MR. TEASEL unfold, my awareness meter has gone through the roof with patients that have been describing symptoms of Lyme disease. Since reading Jim’s story, I have in just one month alone, directed twenty different patients to get tested for Lyme disease. Jim’s fascinating story has had a profound effect on me and the way I consult with my patients.

Once this powerful and detailed book is published, I will suggest that each and every patient of mine visit the Teasel Foundation website and download MR. TEASEL My Hero. If they have Lyme disease or Lyme disease symptoms, they could be in for the fight of their life. This book is a call to arms to fight back! If they do not have Lyme disease, chances are, they know someone who does have Lyme but doesn’t know that Lyme bacteria are infecting them. This book could bring them to that important awareness.

We all love the story of how an individual struggles, and then prevails, against overwhelming odds. I am confident that anyone who reads this book will be motivated, moved and encouraged by Jim Lindl’s victory over his debilitating Lyme disease symptoms.

If you are willing to completely commit to holistic natural self-healing and battle your Lyme disease, then you have a General to lead you: MR. TEASEL. Jim Lindl has laid out a simple step-by-step battle plan for you based on his personal, front line experience. This book is your boot camp. It requires only basic desire and firm determination to make it through. But, make it through you must if you are battling Lyme symptoms!

Dr. Jeff Blanchard
Precision Chiropractor since 1980

Central Coast California, May, 2016

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