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Contributor’s Corner

Guest Blog Post # 2   Lyme disease in Quebec

Written by Vanessa Grenier , Translated to English by Jim Lindl The Nightmare Begins One morning in November 2010, I woke up with a big red blush in my lower back.  Ten minutes after waking up, I was red from head to toe. Quickly I drove to the hospital emergency room.  The nurse did not take a chance and directly administered an intravenous antihistamine. The redness disappeared and the doctor told me that I was allergic to Ibuprofen. Between 2010 and 2017, I have taken a huge amount of ibuprofen in all its forms and since  2010, I have  suffered…

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Guest Blog Post #3  Lyme disease in Quebec Continued…Part 2

Written by Vanessa Grenier , Translated to English by Jim Lindl My Spiral Into The Depths of Hell It was on July 20, 2016 that I finally meet an American Doctor specialist for Lyme disease located in Plattsburgh, New-York. I am lucky to live less than two hours drive from his office. That day, my mother, although skeptical , accompanied me in my journey out of Canada for treatment. Before the meeting with the doctor, I had to fill out  10 questionnaires, pay half the fee (in US currency) by credit card and update my passport. The fee for this…

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Guest Blog post #4 The Story of John Lewis’s Lyme Disease Experience, 2017 As Told To Jim Lindl

My name is John Lewis and live in France a few kilometers up the road from Jim’s place. I’m Welsh by birth but have lived in Dordogne, France since 2008. I used to be a professional electrician when I lived in England and just met Jim recently at his home. I do general home maintenance for my living here. I came by his house to clean out his fireplace chimney. Normal maintenance. I’m 53 years old and have had Lyme disease for a number of years, but Jim didn’t know anything about me when we first met in January, just…

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Guest Blog post #5: John Lewis’ Lyme Disease Story Continued

Dear Friends of the Foundation, For those of you not familiar with John’s ongoing Lyme/Teasel story, please backtrack to Guest Blog Post #4 where his story begins on February 6th. The following transcript is an abbreviated version of the numerous conversations I’ve had with John since his story left off on February 11th. Jim:  John, I appreciate you sharing these intimate details that you’re experiencing during this remarkable Teasel healing journey. I’ve had the pleasure to witness first hand your week by week successful progress, however, I doubt that these written words will adequately express what I’ve  seen and heard…

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Guest Blog Post #6 Lyme Disease In Quebec Continued . . . Part 3

Written by Vanessa Grenier, Translated to English by Jim Lindl My Life Has Returned! When I was 2 years old, my mother taught me how to ski alpine, and at 3 years, I started swimming. I have skied and swam all my youth. Then around the age of 12 years, I started snowboarding that I’ve continued into adulthood. In 2007 I had my first child at the age of 22 years. In June 2010 I gave birth to a second child, and at that time I was mobile and healthy. I described in the preceding 2 articles what happened next:…

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