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Post #3 from Jim Lindl: Attention All Farm To Market Organic Gardeners In The  Upper and Lower Mid-West Continental United States

Jim here again. The topic today is teasel production and the FPTT (fresh plant teasel tincture) bottleneck that I see coming. We will get into the problem and the solution during future blog discussions but first I wanted to bring your attention to some very important aspects of teasel. Let me explain what I have learned from some expert producers of FPTT. Last week we had a wonderful German family home stay with us at our French farm to enjoy the summer weather for a week together and seriously talk about the future of teasel. They are, I believe, the…

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Post #4 from Jim Lindl: From Seed to Soul

Dear Reader, The topic today is organic compost. This is a three part story about soil nutrification . . . old style . . . French country style. This is what we do on our organic farm here in Dordogne, France. This particular gardening practice with this specific plant type has been in use for over 3,000 years. It’s amazing what this plant does for the soil and what this phyto-nutrified soil will do in return for the next vegetable crop to be planted on this very same plot next spring. In France, we have a term for what Americans…

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Post #5 from Jim Lindl: From Seed to Soul

Dear Reader, Today’s topic is a continuation of engrais vert ( green manure)  and soil nutrification before planting teasel next spring. Let me begin with a question: Do you think an elite Olympian athlete is better nutrified eating a forced narrow diet of sugar, peanuts, breadstuffs and chlorinated water? Or is an athlete better nutrified eating a fully balance diet that includes a wide range of carbohydrates, numerous protein sources, a rainbow of vegetables and fruits, sweet and sour dairy products, ocean delicacies, slow simmered animal bone broths and highly mineralized pure water? The answer is obvious! Then Dear reader,…

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Post #6 by Jim Lindl: Natural Weed Killer!

Hello again everybody, No! It’s not the weed whacker in these pictures that kills the weeds! The natural weed killer present in these pictures is in the phyto-chemical released from these dense mustard talks that I’m about to chop into tiny little pieces. From reading, it’s my understanding, that a unique and beneficial natural chemical transformation takes place in these mustard plants when two separate chemical components, present within each plant, come into contact with each other. In this physical chopping/combining process, when the combined natural phyto-chemicals are compounded together, they become a singular natural herbicide against sprouting weed seeds….

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Post #7 from Jim Lindl: Soil Nutrification Process Continued…

Dear Reader. In this continuing series of seed to soul blog posts, we’re taking you through the entire 20 month process of organic soil preparation, natural teasel seed harvest, teasel planting and growing, harvest methods, and eventually the actual tincture preparation and bottling of the final Fresh Plant Teasel Tincture. (FPTT) In Blog Post #6 you saw me chopping up the mustard for this next step of roto-tilling. Please understand this is a small 2,000 square foot experimental demonstration plot. In itself, it will produce about 300 to 350 liters of finished FPTT with 1600-1800 plants on 14 inch row…

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Post #8 from Jim Lindl: MR. TEASEL at Congres Maladie de Lyme

Dear Reader, Much has transpired since post #7 in September when I was preparing the early fall garden for teasel planting next spring. More posts to follow on that thread of seed to soul, but some current topics need to be spotlighted immediately. Let me explain. We launched the website last week. Both French and English.   All new systems usually have a few bugs to work out, but so far, all the e-commerce machinery for book sales, excerpt downloads, and general communication for the affiliate program work exceptionally well. No glitches so far. With all systems working, it’s time…

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