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This Website Is Our Foundation’s Engine.

The Book & Blog Are It’s Fuel!

Jim Lindl has donated his MR. TEASEL My Hero book rights to The Teasel Foundation for its exclusive use as it determines appropriate. Moreover, the Foundation trustees expect that the preponderance of early fundraising will arise from sales of this book by the Foundation. However, gaining book sales in the digital era with today’s vast global Internet connectivity, opens up many distinct funding possibilities. Some of them are enumerated here.

Outreach For Guest Material & Contributions For The Blog

1) Search engine optimization (SEO) will bring in a long term stream of Internet knowledge seekers to this website for possible book purchase to enhance their Lyme information gathering process. Relevant site content and an active blog presence are the two keys to attract and hold a browser’s attention to this site. The Foundation is continually seeking guest material, both written and oral to educate and inform its readers. Submissions of text, video, and audio are all encouraged. All material is sorted and archived for relevance . . . free for public perusal. An active and relevant blog site will help us sell books.

100% of the MR. TEASEL My Hero e-book net sales proceeds goes to The Teasel Foundation from this website with little cost involved to process these sales. The net return on e-books is very high to the Foundation . . . about 97%. Roughly 3% is paid out to process credit cards. Natural organic networking across all social media channels amongst book readers will greatly enhance the traffic and the relevancy in search engines directing general Lyme inquires back to the Foundation’s website. Therefore, favorable book reviews and comments shared across the “social” spectrum of the Internet will be highly beneficial and will be encouraged. “Favorable Social Chatter” on the Internet will become a sought after and valuable promotional fuel for the book as its readership grows. If you like the book, please speak up and chatter about it on the internet.

Hard Cover Books

2) A second source of book revenue will flow to The Teasel Foundation from Lulu Press and their affiliates for all paper printed books sales. This includes hard cover, soft cover, and the e-book/paper book combinations. In this case, net revenue to the Foundation is substantially less because of the cost of printing and commissions paid to Lulu. The revenue to the Foundation is approximately 50% with any paper printed books purchased through Lulu.

Vendor Affiliate Relationships

3) A third source of revenue to The Teasel Foundation is with affiliate relationships it has established with selected product vendors and service suppliers. The commissions the Foundation earns from these linkages can range up to 10% from some of the nutritional and phyto-therapy product vendors linked through the Teasel Group LLC  website. Further explanation is provided about these Foundation affiliate relationships on the Teasel Group website where readers can purchase some of their products.

Private Funding

4) A fourth source of funding are direct cash donations. Currently, The Teasel Foundation does not anticipate receiving any actual cash donations until such time as a track record of Foundation performance, and community value is clearly demonstrated. However, on behalf of The Teasel Foundation, the trustees thank any individual for any donation, of whatever amount they may contribute. Any donation above and beyond a book purchase, indicates to us that you support our mission and the direction we are pursuing.

We sincerely appreciate your endorsement of our cause and our work at The Teasel Foundation. That is why even very small donations are important signals to our directors and trustees. You as an individual, donating actual cash, become one of our most important guiding lights that indicate we are on track with our work beyond publishing the book.