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Guest Blog Post #3  Lyme disease in Quebec Continued…Part 2

Written by Vanessa Grenier , Translated to English by Jim Lindl

My Spiral Into The Depths of Hell

It was on July 20, 2016 that I finally meet an American Doctor specialist for Lyme disease located in Plattsburgh, New-York. I am lucky to live less than two hours drive from his office. That day, my mother, although skeptical , accompanied me in my journey out of Canada for treatment.

Before the meeting with the doctor, I had to fill out  10 questionnaires, pay half the fee (in US currency) by credit card and update my passport. The fee for this first doctor appointment was US $ 900, which is approximately $ 1300 CAD. On the spot, I also had to pay the costs for the test at the Ingenex laboratory which are $ 300 CAD … In short, I can tell you that to justify all this expense, I became determined and convinced.

Initially I met with the doctor’s nurse for an hour and made the long list of my symptoms that afflicted me since 2010. She was very understanding. At last here was someone who believed me … Finally someone who understood all my suffering and maladies. It was a relief so intense that in the office I began to cry and could not stop.  For the last 7 years I’ve been dealing with quasi  intimidation on the part of doctors, my friends and even my family.

When nobody believes that you are in serious health trouble, it can cause a person to go almost crazy!. In short, after all these emotions flooding out in her office, it was the time to meet the doctor who was going to save my life.
In the doctor’s office, I had no energy left.  I was completely emptied. She spoke  to me in English which is my second language and she spoke very quickly … I tried to stay alert, as best that a Lyme patient can do. She finally made a clinical diagnosis: Lyme disease! I had finally the words and a name to put on this pain. I could finally understand what was happening to me after seven years of hell.

She told me that they would do a blood test to confirm the diagnosis, but today I could leave with my antibiotic prescription, which I will have to take for two years. I now had my  clinical diagnosis, and I was relieved, but the doubt that has hovered over me for the last seven years remained. I looked forward to the blood results.
It should be noted that here in Quebec, the prescriptions of American doctors are not recognized by pharmacies, nor reimbursed by health insurance. I had to send my prescription to  Ontario to a black market ( Not really black market, it is a legit pharmacy but had to keep it secret ) pharmacy who would send me my medications by mail. The cost of drugs was $ 1,800 for three months! Three months later, I would have to pay for a telephone appointment with the doctor at the cost of $ 300 Canadian for 20 minutes of consultation.

That’s not all. The doctor prescribed several natural products that she sells directly to her practice, again, $ 600 CAD for three months of products.
According to my calculations, for the two years of protocol, I would have to pay close to $ 20,000 CAD. I was frightened, but faced with my government’s ignorance, I had no other option.
I set a definite start date, because I had to start a paleo diet (otherwise there is a risk of C. Difficile Bacteria, see the link),

I  had to stop smoking, no longer drink alcohol, sleep by 11 PM and take 5 Antibiotics simultaneously as well as all natural products.
September 1, 2016 was  my date with destiny. I believed my life would change from that moment on and I got into mental combat mode. I advised my employer that I will not be the ‘superwoman’ I was in the past and would  not be available at all times. Fortunately they understand. I’m lucky.
I followed the Doctor’s exact protocol for 2 months, and during these two months I was a shadow of myself. I was no longer able to do anything.  My mind and body were absent. I have two small children, a house and a job, but I could not take care of anything. It should be noted that among the five antibiotics, there was an immuno-suppressant. This lowers your immune system, much like chemotherapy. After two months of antibiotics, during which I had enormous HERX reaction, I made an appointment with my doctor to ask if all this was normal. After our discussion I decided to take a break from the medication. I felt that I was going in the opposite direction of healing.
I want to be sure that you understand this is MY experience, and several other people have followed the full protocol and have seen an average remission of 75%. My goal is not to deter you from taking antibiotics for treatment, but to listen to your body and your convictions. I know that after years of  my faith in Calvary, self-confidence in the face of illness can be greatly diminished. I think it’s important to respect the process. So that’s what I did, and my little inner voice told me to take a break.
During this break, I continued my research on alternative treatments and I bought the book ‘Naturally Healing  Lyme Disease’ by Dr Wolf D. Storl.  In his book he tells how he cured himself of The disease with a plant named Cardere (Teasel).

So I continued my research on this Cardere (Teasel) plant and I came across the Teasel Foundation in December which was very new.  I felt that an upcoming chapter of my healing was about to open. I bought  Jim Lindl’s digital book and I was convinced. I could not miss out on a natural treatment, a treatment approaching my convictions and deep values. I was going to at least try it.
In the next and final article, I will tell you about my successful journey with the Cardere (Teasel). I can now  tell you that four months ago, Lyme’s physical and mental symptoms were so strong that I would never have been able to write these lines. For me that says a lot.

The rest of my story to follow soon.

Vanessa Grenier
Quebec, Canada, February 22, 2017

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