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Guest Blog post #4 The Story of John Lewis’s Lyme Disease Experience, 2017 As Told To Jim Lindl

My name is John Lewis and live in France a few kilometers up the road from Jim’s place. I’m Welsh by birth but have lived in Dordogne, France since 2008. I used to be a professional electrician when I lived in England and just met Jim recently at his home. I do general home maintenance for my living here. I came by his house to clean out his fireplace chimney. Normal maintenance. I’m 53 years old and have had Lyme disease for a number of years, but Jim didn’t know anything about me when we first met in January, just a couple of weeks ago.

The date I actually got bit for the first time by a Lyme infected tick…I don’t know for sure. It may have been years ago for all I know because I had no idea what Lyme disease was, nor did I initially recognize my general deteriorating health problems had anything to do with Lyme disease. That came later after researching the internet about all my strange symptoms and then after two Lyme positive blood tests here in France.

My health was absolutely fine before moving to France at age 45…so I’m certain I got the Lyme here. This Lyme disease is very common and very well known in our region and my French neighbors all talk about the problem. That is my past, but things changed drastically once I found out I needed a hip replacement…June 2015.

My Hip was operated on in Périgueux at the same modern clinic Jim wrote about in his book, June 4, 2015. Here is where my Lyme story gets involved and complicated.

I didn’t know I needed a hip operation, but I was having trouble putting on my socks and tying my shoes when crossing my legs. I went to see my regular doctor to report that I had heart palpitations, breathing troubles, headaches and concentration problems, poor memory and sore joints all over. From my research on the internet I told him I think it is Lyme disease. From those symptoms he ordered the standard Lyme test from the same lab Jim went to for his test. It came back positive.

After the first blood test scored positive, he ordered the Western Blot test for confirmation. It also came back Lyme positive. In the course that blood work they also did MRI scans for my joint pain and told me I also needed a hip replacement! I didn’t know it was that bad and lots of local people told me not to do it if I was still walking okay. Those Lyme positive blood tests were two months before the actual surgery.

Their solution for my Lyme condition pre-surgery was 3 grams daily of antibiotics for three weeks. All my joints were killing me at the time I went in for surgery.

I had the operation June 4th, 2015 and came out of it with severe complications related to a long leg syndrome by 28 mm and a 6 degree everted rotation of my foot, my knee and my thigh bone all the way up to my new plastic hip socket. It has been nothing but  #@*&%!!ing trouble since the operation! I could write a book about all the trouble this new mechanical hip is causing. It’s a totally screwed up operation and after numerous post surgery MRI’s and all the post surgery attention, and pain killers, they gave up on me complaining about the pain. There is nothing they can do for me now.

Then I got bit by a second tick after the hip operation and it developed a  red bull’s-eye right where it bit me. That’s when everything got worse and it put me in my current painful crippled situation. The problem is, I have to work to survive and I’m on my own. Money is very tight and this whole surgery, leg, Lyme joint pain business has me bottled up like an old man. I’m only 54 with a plastic hip but feel like I’m a creaky 70 year old codger that can’t move or work.

I quit taking pain killers in December 2016 and felt really awful and depressed after being on them for six months since getting bit by that second tick. They also put me on antibiotics again for ten days after the tick bite. They didn’t do the Lyme confirmation test again because I had the big red bulls-eye on my leg.

In conversation while I was sweeping Jim’s chimney, he asked me if I knew anybody who ever experienced Lyme disease. That was the beginning of everything you are about to learn about my experience with teasel.

He told me about his previous severe Lyme troubles, the book he wrote, showed me a paper copy of it on the kitchen table, talked about the German teasel tincture….everything. Before I left his place we both had a shot of the German teasel. Full strength 15ml. The pain had never gone away from my hip until I met Jim and he gave me some of his German teasel to try. We both had a shot together in his kitchen. Full strength and we both downed them. Later he told me that he drank a shot with me to let me know the stuff was not some kind of poison. I’m Welsh and skeptical.

That night I downloaded Jim’s book and read the entire thing. The next day I was back to his house for some more follow up work and we had a second shot of teasel together in his kitchen.

That second day he also gave me two Killer Biotic pills for the first time. I downed those on the spot right after the teasel shot.

That night I scrounged up some money and ordered 500ml of the German teasel on line.

My pain in the hip disappeared completely by day three after seeing Jim and it’s stayed that way until my own teasel arrived a week later. I started my own teasel Monday, February 6th in the evening after getting exact instructions how Jim took his last year for three months.

Since February 6th, I’ve been on the teasel and the Killer Biotic for five full days and here is what I can tell you so far. For three nights I woke up with my night clothes drenched in sweat On day three I was passing gas like never before and similar to Jim’s experience in the book.

No pain in my hip since beginning the teasel. It’s gone!

This is Saturday February 11 when I tell you this beginning story. I’m keeping a daily journal to report my progress in the future and I’ll tell you more in a few weeks.

John Lewis
Dordogne, France
February 11, 2017

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