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Guest Blog post #5: John Lewis’ Lyme Disease Story Continued

Dear Friends of the Foundation,

For those of you not familiar with John’s ongoing Lyme/Teasel story, please backtrack to Guest Blog Post #4 where his story begins on February 6th.

The following transcript is an abbreviated version of the numerous conversations I’ve had with John since his story left off on February 11th.

Jim:  John, I appreciate you sharing these intimate details that you’re experiencing during this remarkable Teasel healing journey. I’ve had the pleasure to witness first hand your week by week successful progress, however, I doubt that these written words will adequately express what I’ve  seen and heard from you since the beginning…but I’ll try.

The bottom line John, on a scale of one to ten, how are you feeling, thinking, working, and generally functioning today, compared to the pre-Teasel days when I met you to clean out our fireplace chimney in January?

John: Back then, I was barely a one on the health-scale. Today I would say overall, a solid nine out of ten, in scale

Back in January, if you had told me the next flight out of France to England had a high probably of crashing due to stormy weather that would have been the flight I wanted to take. That would have been an option. That is how I felt back then.

Jim: Tell me more about what’s different today specifically? What things cause you say you’re on a health-scale of nine today compares to only a one, 7 weeks ago?

John: Well Jim as you know I’m a handyman and general all purpose electrician. It takes me about eight full days of work each month to pay my basic monthly bills to survive. But after getting Lyme, and a hip operation and then getting Lyme infected a second time right after the operation, I could work very little for the past 18 months. Plus, with my foggy Lyme brain and extreme joint pain keeping me down, I couldn’t keep up anymore. Everything was falling apart in my life. I needed those eight days of work to survive and I could not make it.

About two weeks into the Teasel program, mid-February, my motivation started coming back because most of my pain was disappearing. My brain was clearing up and I could remember things again. I was starting to work more again.

Here is something very different that anybody would notice about me. My work truck is a big European Mercedes van that will handle 5-meter length material and a person can stand up inside the truck. It has been sitting outside my home just rotting with a dead battery for almost two years. I just neglected it along with everything else.  I couldn’t work enough anymore to use that truck and all my specialized tools.

Then one day out of the blue I went outside and decided to get my truck going again. That was about week two on the Teasel and Killer Biotic.

Here is one example for you as an idea what I’m doing lately:

I have a client that needs a solid stone and concrete wall pierced with a 5-inch core drilled hole, 40 inches thick. Solid rock. That will take a good hour-plus using my heavy industrial diamond drilling rig with my shoulder against the tools and full body weigh pressure to advance the drill tools. That’s the type of work I had to give up but am now doing again in the past month.

Lately I’m climbing ladders again, or crawling on my hand and knees in tight dingy quarters in old French cellars doing work of some type. All kinds of physically active work that has to be thought out carefully. A lot of it is highly technical work. Plumbing and electrical work. All normal work for me in the past when I was healthy but impossible for me to do only two months ago with the Lyme disease infecting my body and my brain and my joints.

I’m busy most every day now doing my customers’ repair work. My hip is not perfect by any means. It was a screwed-up operation. But I can work again. One single day of this heavy work I’m dong now would have laid me up for two months in the house before getting on the Teasel.

Jim:  I noticed that you’re smiling and joking with me now!!

John: Yea, I can definitely think better again and remember little things better. I got up at 5 am last week to pick up supplies in Périgueux. I’m sleeping better and have more motivation. And I’ve lost a stone. (Editors note: One stone is a British weight measurement of 14 pounds)

Jim: What do you think about that weight loss?

John: Well I’m 5’6″ tall and need to lose some weight. A stone is good. It’ll help my hip and joints. Another stone would be good.

About three weeks ago I lost 8 pounds in one week.

Jim: Tell me more about that.

John: Well you know my story about passing gas in the first week. Smelly, noisy, like you in the book.

Well Jim about week three to week five into the Teasel treatment, the stink in the toilet room was unbearable. Like nothing I’ve ever experience. It was unbearably stinky shit. Foulest thing I’ve ever known in my entire 53 years. Lasted for the entire week and I lost the 8 pounds.

Jim: How are you now?

John: Good. It’s all passed. All eight pounds!

Jim:  Anything else happening good or bad that you’ve noticed?

John: Yea something pretty interesting just a few days ago. I got my racing heart flutters back for a few beats. Like you had in the book. Unexpected racing heart. But it was ever so little and then it quickly went way. It hasn’t come back. I figure it was some of the dead toxic Lyme bacteria coming out triggering my pulse rate.

Jim: Yea I remember exactly how that racing heart happened to me numerous times in August, 2015. My heart would just take off over 200 beats per minute and stay there for a good twenty minutes. Scary. I ran out of breath and just had to lie down till it passed. At the end of August I knew I was in serious trouble. That’s when I booked a flight back to California to see the two trusted Chiropractic Doctors I write about in the book. Figured they could help me. That was the beginning to understand my Lyme troubles.

Tell me John, what are you now taking on a daily basis? What’s your Teasel protocol every day?

John: As you know Jim I started taking the German Teasel and the Killer Biotic Daily and still do. 15ml of the German Teasel daily with water in the morning. Then three Killer Biotics spaced out during the day.

Every day since February 6th… never miss. I also added in the BioFuel vitamins daily about a week ago. Plus, your other vitamins whenever I come by your house for a shot of Get-G-N, Tangy Tangerine and the Prodovite. Plus, the CalMag when I can get it.

But I also have added in more Teasel every day for about a month. On the back of the German Teasel bottle it does specify Dr. Storl’s suggested dose up to 45 ml per day. I can’t afford that much German Teasel. That’s three 500ml bottles per month.

So, searching the internet I found some cheap stuff in Scotland that comes in a plastic bottle that looks and smells like old motor oil. It tastes like a dog pissed into it as well. Horrible tasting stuff. But it’s cheap and it works for me. When I first started taking it, my night sweats really broke out again… heavy. That’s when the smelly shit episode broke out.

So, in addition to the morning shot of German Teasel I take the Scottish Teasel later in the day and I feel a lot better than 7 weeks ago! I figured that if I was dying anyhow, a bit more Teasel wasn’t going to make me any worse because I was almost dead anyway.

Jim: So, what’s next?

John: More of the same. I’m trying to eat better. I’ve cut out sugar entirely and don’t miss it at all. I need to lose another stone… maybe two more stones. I’m working steady again. I’ve been telling everybody about your miracle Lyme story, my Lyme story, and the Teasel Foundation.

Seems like everybody I talk to lately knows somebody who has Lyme disease around here. People I know very well but never knew they were in bad shape with Lyme are showing up.

Jim: Great update John. Thanks for sharing. Your story will encourage others who read this blog post.

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