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Guest Blog Post #6 Lyme Disease In Quebec Continued . . . Part 3

Written by Vanessa Grenier, Translated to English by Jim Lindl
My Life Has Returned!

When I was 2 years old, my mother taught me how to ski alpine, and at 3 years, I started swimming. I have skied and swam all my youth. Then around the age of 12 years, I started snowboarding that I’ve continued into adulthood. In 2007 I had my first child at the age of 22 years. In June 2010 I gave birth to a second child, and at that time I was mobile and healthy.

I described in the preceding 2 articles what happened next: Paralysis, chronic pain, osteoarthritis and several other problems. I could no longer ski or snowboard.

During a moment of respite in these 7 years of Lyme illness, I have sometimes managed to ride a bicycle, but never without pain. Never without carrying this big gray cloud of pain over my head. I always had to stop, take a break, and shorten the journey.

As I mentioned in the previous articles, I passed through the doctors’ court that condemned me to live with these pains and to doubt myself, and to doubt my mental capacities and to believe that I was crazy. In short . . . after all this medical advice and a treatment with antibiotics that failed, I turned to the Teasel . . . a plant! I read a lot about the properties of Teasel and its virtues for Lyme disease, I exchanged a lot with the author of the book, I did my research, and I decided to embark on the wonderful adventure of Teasel.

Let me tell you about my past winter. I started the Teasel Protocol towards the end of January. Every day I wrote my symptoms in a journal. After two weeks I stopped writing them, simply because there were no more symptoms! This winter, I took 2-hour walks with my dog, and I cross-country skied for hours at the same rate as the others. I also embarked on my Alpine skis for the first time in 7 years. And yes, I had a few aches the next day, like everyone else, but while skiing, I felt no pain.

I continue to take the Teasel at the moment we speak. I am in my third month of treatment and I am fine. I’m doing so well that I speak of the Teasel to everyone!

I would like to thank Jim Lindl for taking the time to talk with me. Our exchanges have been enriching for me and like Jim today, I am trying to shout to the world that there is a treatment for Lyme disease.
Vanessa Grenier
Montréal Quebec, Canada
April, 2017


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