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Book Review – Guest Blog Post #7: A Canadian’s Perspective About Lyme Disease & Mr. TEASEL, My Hero.

If you are one of the scores of people who have lost hope for recovery from your Mysterious Illness or if you have a definitive Lyme diagnosis, “Mr. TEASEL, My Hero” is the book you need to read.

Jim Lindl’s unforgettable “shoot from the hip” style of writing left me in awe of the man and in pursuit of the knowledge he had accumulated about healing.

Through his expert story-telling technique, Jim reminds his readers that the productive life, well-lived does not simply have to become a fond memory for those stricken with chronic illness or Lyme Disease.

Jim exemplifies a courage and a determination we ALL possess in our deepest and most dire circumstances, and he reminds us once we dig down, we find it. Jim’s book charts a path to that determination and lays out in plain language how you can return to YOUR productive and well-lived life – as he did.

Indeed, his foray into his personal life’s adventures became for me an essential part of the story reminding me that the journey back to robust health need not be forfeited and that a return to full health is possible at any age.

With crushing pain overtaking any semblance of hope for happiness in his “golden years”, Jim embarked on the path to discover the source of his unceasing pain and rapidly advancing loss of strength and mental clarity.

Brushed off by doctors who tried to convince him that age was his enemy, not illness, Jim persevered.

Jim’s journey to regain his health led him from his home in France to California, Germany and eventually, the botanical knowledge and writings of a PhD – to learn the secrets he would need to know to bring about his cure.

The discovery of a “lost herbal species” became his answer “hiding in plain sight” as he would later learn.

He does well to call the Teasel Plant his “Hero” as it saved him from an insidious and inevitable downward spiral into progressively failing health prior to his cure.

Teasel has been the Hero for many Lyme Sufferers. Once you read Jim’s book, maybe YOU will be among them!

Stephanie S.

New Brunswick, Canada

April, 2017

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