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Message from the Founder

Executive Director, Jim Lindl

Welcome to the website. Welcome to The Teasel Foundation. Welcome to a world of new healthy ideas that used to be hiding in plain sight. Ideas that were hiding like needles in a haystack.

This website is designed to showcase some of those needles, and carefully present them here for all the world to study, ponder and decide if they’re useful ideas for our own personal situation.

My name is Jim Lindl and I had a debilitating seven-year downward spiral into the Lyme abyss that was crushing my very soul before I discovered one of those obscure, but incredibly beneficial needles in the haystack. The needle I found is called wild Teasel Plant. It’s a beautiful spiny wild weed growing in the ditch only 250 meters down the road from our French vegetable farm. Wild Teasel was the central key to my Lyme recovery, and surprisingly, this beautiful elegant plant . . . was hiding in plain sight for the entire seven years while my health devolved into the abyss. I became wheel chair immobile near the end of those seven years and was wracked with foggy mental confusion, and disconcerting pulmonary disorders. Bizarre ocular “lightning flashes” impaired my sight day and night, while I remained physically imprisoned with muscular degradation and constant daily fatigue. Today, those dark days are totally gone. POOF! Vanished within an 82-day period!!

My near miraculous recovery from this myriad of nasty Lyme symptoms, occurred between December 4, 2015, to February 24, 2016. It’s all documented in my book, MR. TEASEL My Hero.

In those 82 days, without using any pharmaceutical intervention, I beat those nasty Lyme bacterial spirochetes stone cold dead . . . using a simple holistic solution hiding in plain sight! Those bacteria had infected me for 7 difficult years and had progressively driven me into an intimidating place . . . a debilitating place . . . that were crushing my very soul. MR. TEASEL became my hero. Hence the name of the book and the creation of this non-profit educational foundation to spread the word.

The book MR. TEASEL My Hero is an extensive expose, crosscut with very informative hyperlinks, numerous technical documents, several x-rays and ultrasound images, plus detailed blood analysis that in a breezy story form, explores in close intimate detail my 64 years of life before this Lyme saga finally ended in February, 2016. The progressive downward spiral during the 7-year reign of Lyme is discussed, but most importantly, this book became a careful and accurate day-by-day real time journal of the 82 days of healing and recovery that I went through. For me, to characterize those 82 days as an interesting healing journey, would be a naive under statement. Future readers will determine if that’s a fair assessment.

Parts of that 82-day journey were almost, at times, a total life transformation . . . almost spiritual in nature. If you have Lyme Symptoms, you need to read MR. TEASEL My Hero. It may help you turn your life around. You’ll have to decide what to do after reading the book, but everything I did, is all laid out in full living color. I ask you to read the story, and then listen to some of the technical lectures via the hyperlinks and most definitely read Dr. Wolf Storl’s incredible book . . . and then chew, chew and . . . chew some more, to fully digest the truth of my message: Healing solutions are hiding in plain sight!!

I cover my simple holistic protocol in step-by-step detail that anybody can also follow. I recorded those 82 days in real-time writing, day by day, week by week, in an intimate personal journal for others to ponder. That’s why I wrote the book about my story and set up this non-profit Teasel Foundation . . . to showcase a needle hiding in a haystack that worked for me.

I discovered some important things I want to share with the world. Maybe it’s a solution you’re seeking.

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