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Post #8 from Jim Lindl: MR. TEASEL at Congres Maladie de Lyme

Dear Reader,

Much has transpired since post #7 in September when I was preparing the early fall garden for teasel planting next spring. More posts to follow on that thread of seed to soul, but some current topics need to be spotlighted immediately. Let me explain.

We launched the website last week. Both French and English.   All new systems usually have a few bugs to work out, but so far, all the e-commerce machinery for book sales, excerpt downloads, and general communication for the affiliate program work exceptionally well. No glitches so far.

With all systems working, it’s time to press on the promotional accelerator… and so we are. We have 6 affiliates registered in England, France and the United States. More coming on board soon. They’re all ramping up to spread the word to their contact lists, social networks and data bases. Some are already linking our website to their website with their affiliate link embedded.  All of this activity is in its infancy. I’m thankful it’s all going at a nice even measured pace while we learn how to run all this internet machinery: Mail Chimp, DPD shopping carts, DreamHost, Google analytics, stripe international card processing, PayPal mass pay, interlinked communication nodes, foreign translations. Did I leave anything out? Probably…and remember, I’m the guy in the book who doesn’t own a cell phone and couldn’t think straight 10 months ago!

Now for the big stuff. The exciting stuff.

I live in France…It’s our home The French edition of MR. TEASEL will be finished by November 1st and thanks to the wonderful and energetic folks at Herbiolys,  we’ve been  invited to showcase our book at the annual Lyme Congress in Cassis, France, November 13th.  This is a symposium of experts in the field of Lyme disease. The full day of presentations concludes with a round table discussion that will cover the entire landscape of challenges and the known solutions that the Lyme community is faced with today.

November 13, 2016, at the Congres Maladie de Lyme, will see the official world wide launch of our book. I’m pleased to report this debut will take place in France…the country I contracted Lyme disease, found a solution to Lyme disease and wrote the book.  Reservations to this event can be booked here:

The Teasel Foundation website is very new. One week brand new! Nonetheless, I feel that we are on our way by participating at the Cassis Lyme Congress. It’s a modest start, but over time, with the aid of our affiliates and other commercial establishments like Herbiolys helping us broadcast our Teasel Healing message, we can help others in need.  Holistic solutions are out there, we just have to first find them,   like I did last winter, and shout from the mountain tops to tell others that we found the route to the top. Then finally we need to show them the way! That’s what the Teasel Foundation is all about.



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