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Our Purpose

Igniting personal awareness, then gathering knowledge, are the first two steps to finding those “needles in the haystack”. That’s the purpose of The Teasel Foundation website and the purpose of my book. . . to first activate awareness . . . Then stimulate knowledge gathering that will ultimately lead to embracing health solutions hiding in plain sight. Starting with Lyme disease symptoms . . . and much, much more.

Our Philosophy

The Teasel Foundation is a Public Benefit Corporation registered in the State of Montana.

The Teasel Foundation Founder, Jim Lindl, Believes These Principles To Be Important and Noteworthy:

The longest distance between two points . . . can be the short cut.

Vibrant health is the most valuable asset we will ever have.

People and relationships are more important than a gravestone that reads: “Herein lies the richest person in the graveyard.” Especially when only a handful show up for the funeral.

We should try to do all we can do everyday.

We should try to do the best we can do every day.

The Teasel Foundation will always strive to under promise and over deliver useful interesting information, sound and simple actionable ideas from others, and provide community service without prejudice or preference. The Teasel Foundation’s overarching objective is to facilitate outreach and connection with local micro-communities, to offer universally beneficial cross-cultural health ideas to help people live a better, more balanced, healthy, and happy life.

As a non-profit educational portal, the MR. TEASEL website’s mission is to raise personal awareness through a selected reading list of books, video lectures, and public discussion forums leading to Solutions Hiding in Plain Sight . . . beginning with Lyme Disease and undiagnosed Lyme disease symptoms. 

This website is the exclusive location to purchase MR. TEASEL My Hero. 100% of the net book sales proceeds go to The Teasel Foundation. This Foundation is also funded with generous support by Foundation recommended suppliers and services mentioned or linked in the book and this website. We encourage you to support the noted resources in the website and the book.

The Executive Trustees

Jim Lindl
Founder, Executive Director, CEO, President

Cheryl Swain
Director, Corporate Secretary, Communication & Global Micro-Community Outreach