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Post #1 from Jim Lindl: An Introduction

Greetings Dear Reader,

My name is Jim Lindl. You most probably have not read MR. TEASEL My Hero at his point.  With this very first blog post on The Teasel Foundation website, I’ll try to bring you up to speed with some background info and hopefully, in that process,   provide some continuing useful information that may help you heal your Lyme disease symptoms like I experienced over an 82 day period last winter here in France. In the past 8 months, I wrote a 285 page a real-time narrative non-fiction book about my successful Lyme healing experience and then established The Teasel non-profit Foundation to spread the word everywhere. Let me explain more.

I am a 64-year-old retired health industry executive who has lived in France for the past nine years on our small organic veggie farm. Eight years ago, a tick bit me right on our farm…just one time. It turned into a debilitating mess that you can read all about in the book. Thankfully, my condition had a happy ending…largely do to a German Professor’s incredible book that directed me toward something that worked…the Teasel plant Green Root Tinctures.  I had extremely limited knowledge about Lyme disease and zero knowledge about Teasel Weeds before I began reading his book October 2015.

If you do nothing else for your general condition of Lyme symptoms, whether testing positive to the spirochete bacteria or not, buy his book. I do reference him repeatedly in my book, but do know, there is much more to my healing narrative than just a Dr. Storl book review. I incorporated a very comprehensive daily nutrification protocol for those 82 days of healing as well as the teasel tinctures. It is all covered in the book.  I never have felt more alert and vital in my life than I do today at age 64! Amazing transformation I went through last winter here in France.

Lyme is a global issue….from the idyllic remote Tasmanian Island in the Southern Hemisphere, through most of the United States, and certainly across all of Northern Europe, particularly France and Germany all the way to Lithuania. This web site will soon be in both German and French for our readers over here in Europe. Later we will also have MR. TEASEL My Hero professionally translated into German and French. We have big plans to get the word out.

I will be writing more about the international Lyme situation on the next post.

Thanks for stopping into The Teasel Foundation blog and taking the time to read a bit about holistic healing, particularly for Lyme disease. If you buy our book, I thank you in advance because all the proceeds go to The Teasel Foundation. With your book purchase, we can do more and do better in the future…


PS Please watch Dr. Storl’s short video clip…it is only three minutes long.

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