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Post #10 from Jim Lindl: About Walker Farms

2017 is shaping up to become a big year for The Teasel Foundation. If you read the book, one of my biggest concerns with publishing this narrative non-fiction about Teasel, was ensuring everybody has ready access to affordable and properly made product that works for others like it did for me.

Teasel Tincture is just a name on a bottle. The big questions are these:  Where did it come from?  How is it harvested? Who are the people involved in that complicated chain from the seeds, to the pants, to the harvest, to the tincture making process, to the end product?  Do you just read my book and then walk into the nearest herbal shop and pull a bottle off the shelf and call it good?  I was extremely lucky because I found product that worked when I knew absolutely nothing about Teasel Tinctures and Herbal preparations generally.  I don’t want readers to wander around looking for product and hope for the best if there is a more intelligent method of purchase..

I’m vitally concerned that we collectively keep our eyes peeled for the very best product so the Lyme community has the best chance for optimal results like I hade over an 82 day period. My personal use products came from an established supplier in Germany. However, I know we need other sources for ease of American shipping and deliver. Moreover, it is a fact that no one supplier has the capacity at this time to meet a large scale demand if this book and my story take off. I cover this topic in the book.

As Executive Director  and  CEO of The Teasel Foundation,  I will be soliciting different teasel suppliers that I have come to know since I began my healing journey. I want them  to write about themselves: Who they are,, where they get their plants, how they make their product , why they are experts in the matter. I want them to “sell” you why they deserve our attention. If they pass muster in your opinion, maybe that is who you want to buy your product from. You will decide that, certainly not me. I want to showcase suppliers for you to review on this blog site.

With that overarching goal, here is the first blog post by a farm in Wisconsin that has a direct pedigree linked back to acclaimed American Herbalist Mathew Wood himself. A series of posts is coming. Lets all learn from their writing.

About Walker Farms, Their First Post On Our Site.

Hello, my name is Susan Yerigan and I am the owner of Walker Farms, located in west central Wisconsin.  I have been making medicinal herbal tinctures from organically grown herbs for 25 years.  Matthew Wood, a noted herbalist, provided my first introduction to herbal tinctures a number of years earlier and we subsequently became close friends.  When I moved to my first farm (west of Minneapolis, Minnesota) in the early 1990s, Matthew suggested that I might want to begin growing medicinal herbs and producing tinctures.  Under his initial tutelage I started Walker Farms and began growing medicinal herbs organically and extracting them with high quality brandy.  A lot of positive feedback for my tinctures convinced me that this was what I wanted to devote my life to.  Two years later Matthew was visiting and said that he was having success with Lyme sufferers using a tincture made from the Teasel plant (Dipsacus fullonum L. Synonym: Dipsacus sylvestris).  The first teasel tinctures I made were from 1st year wildcrafted plants.   The overwhelming response to teasel’s beneficial effects I received from Lyme patients who were using our tinctures convinced me to continue to expand our Teasel production.  This along with the growth of my other herbal tinctures sales necessitated that I find a bigger farm.  In early 2001, I was fortunate to find the perfect farm in west central Wisconsin, about 75 miles east of Minneapolis.  The 70 acre former dairy farm is now Walker Farms. Besides our extensive herb gardens, we also raise grass fed beef cattle, a number of horses, and the typical compliment of chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, along with a very large vegetable garden. At present Walker farms produces over 105 herbal tinctures. All the herbs are grown on our farm and the tinctures made from fresh herbs at harvest.

Having this larger farm also led to the cultivation of our own Teasel crop, which will be the subject of my next blog coming soon.

You can find us at

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