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Post #11 from Jim Lindl: 90-Day Lyme Disease Holistic Protocol

Dear Friends of The Teasel Foundation,

This short e-document is designed to distill out the Full Protocol hidden in the hundreds of Mr. TEASEL My Hero pages that takes the reader through my unique 90-day Lyme Healing Journey.

I’ve begun to learn from readers around the world that this book’s heavily crosscut narrative can sometimes be confusing for a person seeking simple explanations about my exact daily regime.

I can fully appreciate those readers’ frustrations. I was in the same boat back in October, 2015 when I desperately wanted to feel better as quickly as possible once I learned about the magic of green-root teasel tinctures. I’m sure that the many hours required to plow through my 103,500 words of winding narrative can become a bit annoying to some people who’ve had Lyme disease for years and they simply want to get on with the protocol that I employed.

These brief notes are a distillation of the book’s healing essentials, plus my best accumulated Lyme understanding gained since October, 2015 after I went thought my own healing experience.

If you don’t have the time to read Dr. Storl’s book and Mr. TEASEL My Hero, or if you’ve read my book and are confused and unsure what to do next . . . this short Holistic Protocol Outline should help and answer some questions that you may have.

What did Jim do specifically? | What specific products did he take? | Where did he get the products? | How did he take each product? | How do I get started now? | What was Jim’s daily routine?”

If you want to get started like I did, please contact Cheryl Swain at She will walk you through the purchase process for everything.

Most importantly I’m inviting you to contact me and I’d be thrilled to coach you through your first 90 days. My own personal experience may be useful for you, as you progress on your own healing journey.

Jim Lindl

Transplanting Teasel Seedlings, March 15, 2017

Transplanting Teasel Seedlings, March 15, 2017

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90-Day Lyme Disease Holistic Protocol

The Simple Protocol I Employed To Holistically Kill Off My Lyme Symptoms

From December 4th, 2015 To February 24, 2016.

The Fundamental Elements Of The 90-Day Lyme Disease Holistic Protocol

1) German Teasel Tincture

2) Killer Biotic Capsules

3) Comprehensive Nutrification

4) Hot Showers

5) Direct Sunlight Exposure

6) Generous Sleep & Rest

7) Minimal Sugar & Alcohol Consumption

8) Meditation

9) Gratitude

10) Commitment To Help Others Imprisoned With Lyme

To Purchase Your Organic Teasel Tincture Direct From Germany

Go to:

Click the Organic German Teasel button on the home page.

This button will navigate you to K&L’s Laboratory/Store in Potsdam, Germany to purchase the same teasel I took for 90 days. I recommend that you order 2 bottles which is enough for the first 2 months. The reason for 2 bottles . . . it usually takes 2-3 weeks to deliver to North America. You don’t want to run out once you get started.

Order two (2) 500ml bottles of K&L Teasel Tincture on K&L’s landing page.

For Your Nutrification Products, Including The Killer Biotic

Contact Cheryl Swain at:

Cheryl will get you organized with an efficient system to buy all your products wholesale, vendor direct (30% off retail). Those products will take about one week to be shipped to any destination in North America.

Here Are The Nutrification Products That I Took Each Month:

2 Bottles of Killer Biotic Capsules

2 Bottles of Ultimate Selenium Capsules

2 Bottles of Ultimate EFA Plus Pills

1 Canister Tangy Tangerine 2.0 Drink

1 Canister Get-Go-N Plus Drink

1 Bottle BioFuel Drink

1 Canister CalMag100 Drink

Once All My Products Arrived, I Grouped Them On A Table, & Arranged Them Left To Right As Follows:

1 Teasel Tincture (500ml)

2 Killer Biotic Capsules

2 Ultimate Selenium Capsules

2 Ultimate EFA Plus

1 Tangy Tangerine 2.0

1 Get-Go-N Plus

1 BioFuel

1 CalMag100

This product lineup on the table is what I took every day for 90 days. They were grouped left to right to visually remind me of the sequence I would take them during the day. Teasel on the left hand side on the table is where I started my day. CalMag100 on the right hand side is where I finished my day.

Jim’s Fundamental Protocol & Daily Routine:


The Teasel

Dosage is one tablespoon (15 ml) daily for the entire 90 days. (15 ml per day).

For Week 1: Drink 5 ml three times per day.

For Week 2–8: Drink 7.5 ml twice per day.

For Week 8: Drink 15 ml once per day.

To aid my fuzzy Lyme memory, first thing in the morning I prepared my Teasel for the day.

I mixed the one daily tablespoon (15 ml) of Teasel Tincture into an 8 oz. bottle of natural spring water.

During Week 1:

I marked three equal lines on the water bottle to indicate the 3 servings I needed to take each day.

1. Morning, on an empty stomach. 2. Mid-Day. 3. Evening ( 6 pm).

During Week 2 Through 7:

I marked two equal lines on the water bottle to indicate the 2 servings I needed to take each day.

1. Morning, on an empty stomach. 2. Mid-Day.

During Week 8:

1. Morning, on an empty stomach.

(I just downed the entire bottle first thing in the morning.)

That was my Teasel Routine for 90 days.

Nutrification Products

Killer Biotic 

I took 2 bottles of Killer Biotic per month which equals 4 capsules per day. I spaced out the 4 capsules equally during the day and always took them with some yogurt or light food. The capsules are quite bitter tasting and would cause me to have a bit of nausea without some food in my stomach. I placed the 4 capsules in a shot glass each morning so I could visually see the daily dose in the kitchen. By bedtime those 4 capsules all needed to disappear. That was my simple visual daily dosage reminder to aid my Lyme confused brain.

Ultimate Selenium

I took 2 bottles of Ultimate Selenium per month which equals 6 capsules per day. I spaced out the 6 capsules equally during the day and took them with the Killer Biotic. These were also placed in the same shot glass in the kitchen for my visual reminder.

Ultimate EFA Plus

I took 2 bottles of Ultimate EFA Plus per month which equals 6 capsules per day. I spaced out the 6 capsules equally during the day, all taken with the Killer Biotic and Selenium. These too were placed in the same shot glass in the kitchen for my visual reminder.

Tangy Tangerine & Get-Go-N Plus

I took these two products combined together as my morning coffee substitute. My dosage was 2 scoops of each product in one glass of either cold or hot water. Whichever tastes better. I would sip on the drink over 15 to 30 minutes as a tasty morning beverage to start my day. (I still do this powerful nutritional combo every day to keep my immune system strong against everything, including Lyme.

BioFuel & CalMag100

I took 1 scoop of CalMag100 and 1 tablespoon of BioFuel in a glass of cold water just before bedtime. The CalMag100 should completely fizz out before drinking.

This was my Fundamental Protocol for 90 Days.


If you have decided to add in the optional VNI Prodovite, the Aged Wormwood & the Cat’s Claw Tinctures as offered in the Complete Tick Kit from K&L in Germany, here is how I added them into my protocol routine above.


I added 1 ounce/1 capful daily into the Tangy Tangerine and the Get-Go-N drink. This all-in-one morning power drink was a very effective nutritional boost.

Cats Claw tincture

My dosage was as per the bottle instructions and I added it to my afternoon Teasel starting Week 3.

Aged Wormwood tincture

My dosage was as per the bottle instructions and I added it to my afternoon Teasel after Week 4.

Hot showers (Carefully)

I took Hot Showers twice per day during Week 2-4. It felt great!!

The water temperature I used was between 104°-111°F.

This shower water temperature is very, very hot for most people.

I was very careful about overheating.

I directed the spray nozzle to only my sore knee joint and head areas . . . Never my whole body.

I used Common Sense and did not overdo the length of full body heating at high temperatures.

Dr. Wolf D. Storl writes about heat treatment extensively. That’s where I got my guidance.

A steam or dry sauna may also be an excellent daily heat treatment. That’s what the ancients used.

I always drank plenty of water daily. I was peeing almost every hour most days. I visualized that I was in a slow motion Mohave Desert marathon and needed to seriously hydrate to stay alive. I believe this helped me detox all the junk that came out of me in the first month. I constantly drank lots of water.

Everyone’s body is unique and everyone will have different personal nuances to their healing experience. You may want to do some daily journaling to record how you feel and what you experience during the 90 Days. Later on, you might consider publishing your notes on our blog site to help enlighten others. The Teasel Foundation is a collective effort. To share information with others. The Teasel Foundation and its website, is my contribution to the Lyme community for that information sharing purpose.

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