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Post #5 from Jim Lindl: From Seed to Soul

Blog 5 (03) - Engrais VertDear Reader,

Today’s topic is a continuation of engrais vert ( green manure)  and soil nutrification before planting teasel next spring.

Let me begin with a question: Do you think an elite Olympian athlete is better nutrified eating a forced narrow diet of sugar, peanuts, breadstuffs and chlorinated water? Or is an athlete better nutrified eating a fully balance diet that includes a wide range of carbohydrates, numerous protein sources, a rainbow of vegetables and fruits, sweet and sour dairy products, ocean delicacies, slow simmered animal bone broths and highly mineralized pure water?

The answer is obvious!

Then Dear reader, why do we think… if we feed an extremely narrow industrial diet to our meat animals and our mass-produced edible crops, that these food products offer complete nutrition to our bodies? If we don’t feed plants and animals pure and complete nutritious inputs, what nutrition is available in that industrial food by the time it ends up in our mouth? Not enough? Maybe not much at all? That answer is also obvious!

Today, in America , and some other parts of the world, we raise our animals and food chained plants, as if we are feeding a starving athlete a diet of fast sugars and refined starch, infused with chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics. We know this dreary decades old story all to well. It’s been flogged for years. It’s old stale news constantly beaten into us over the past 40 years. Sub-optimal nutrition in food is the reality of mass agriculture production today.

There is a clear way out of this malnutrition industrial food mess and it starts with better naturally nutrified soil. Yes, richer soil. Healthy vibrant soil with the untold number of complex goodies that are present in life giving mother earth is the answer to a lot of what ails humanity. Rich vibrant earth is a God given miracle banquet table for plants to feast upon.  Food plants, in their incredibly complex transformative processes pass on to us earthlings…. our life…from the sun and the soil! It’s that simple!

Seed, soil, sunshine, air, water, and the miracle of plant life. That’s the complete equation to our health and life. Those six things power the whole shebang for every living being on Mother Earth! Compromise just one component of that life giving equation and it’s a slippery slope to societal poverty and spiritual bankruptcy. From these five fundamental elements plus a miracle of the transformative growing processes that we do not fully understand, we are able to thrive as human beings by eating these gifts of nature. From seed to our Soul. We humans are part of that miracle equation.

We can’t effectively influence let alone control the modern day industrial food chain that arrives on our daily dinner plate, but teasel gardeners can assure their customers the very best finished FPTT product by starting with the very best soil. It is that simple and that important. Better soil will make for better teasel tincture.

I hope some of these blog posts offer both ideas and inspiration to take a look at alternative ways of thinking. That’s what I hope
accomplishes. Thinking outside the box.

Blog 5 (02) - Engrais Vert

In this mid-August photo I’m standing on the edge of a mustard cover crop, planted June 1st, on 7 inch row spacing. This is the front side to the same mustard patch in blog post #4. I used an EarthWay push-seeder to quickly drill in the tiny mustard seeds. These inexpensive hand powered seed planters are super efficient and a great time saver for the small-scale gardener…from tiny plot gardeners to small commercial producers up to 3 or 4 acres like the size of our farm.

The backside of this plot was presented in Blog #4 and is ready to chop up and incorporate into the soil. Directly in front of me is phacelia with some ornamental flowers in the mix for aesthetics.

I hand scattered this phacelia mix in late May which created a dense overhead cover to protect all the garden toads and frogs from the hawks, fox and other natural predators. Frogs, bats, birds of all types, lizards, snakes, salamanders, hedgehogs, badgers, rabbits and fox all visit this garden. Usually everyday, either at night or during the day. It’s this balance that keeps virtually 100% of the bugs out of the garden. Unwanted creatures like asparagus beetles or cutworms that love broccoli never make it inside this phacelia perimeter boundary. Birds, frogs, toads, spiders, wasps and lizards eat all the baddies.

In season, there are literally thousands upon thousands of butterflies, dragonflies and gorgeous blue damselflies on this property at all times. The presence of these creatures is a welcome sign of healthy chemical free, environmentally balanced soil and plants. It’s  in this chemical free environment that I’ve grown fruits and vegetables for the past nine years and will also grow teasel next year.

Blog 5 (01) - White-Tailed Bumble Bee On Phacelia Flowers

White-Tailed Bumble Bee On Phacelia Flowers

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