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Post #9 from Jim Lindl: 23 Years of Nutritional Supplement Perspective

by Jim Lindl

I’ve been using a daily regime of  The Teasel  Group’s recommended products since April 17, 1993. Why do I remember that exact date?  Because back then,  I had a massive sweet-tooth, was 30 pounds overweight,  and drank 6 to 8 cups of coffee per day.   In addition to that unhealthy profile, I pilled on three big meals per day and washed it all down with AT LEAST one and a half quarts of delicious milk per day! Sometimes a half gallon each day if chocolate cake or peanut butter sandwiches were present…  Disgusting…I know!

Just one week later after starting a core of  fundamental products, I never desired or drank a single cup of coffee for the next 20 years. My sweet tooth totally vanished, and the milk cartons just stacked up in the fridge until they got sour! My food allergies and bad eating habits flew out the window like magic.

Needless to say, that incredibly rapid and radical health transformation got my immediate attention, so much so, that it eventually propelled me out of a bookkeeping and tax business.  I became a hyper-focused health-centric zealot who endeavored to figure out why some (apparently) simple liquid vitamins transformed my system into such a state of robust vibrant health so rapidly.

Over those ensuing years I became a noted executive in the industry until retirement at our organic veggie farm in France. I remember those start-up days like they were yesterday.

Fast forward to today:

With that background and perspective, here is what I know for certain.

The nutritional supplement realm can and will get even better than it was in the past because earnest vendors, relentless researchers and critical consumers keep learning and demanding more answers about our current food supply.  Knowledge gathering does not stop. This website and this bog site is part of that process. This is a site to disseminate information that is relevant to healthy living. That’s what I’m hoping to accomplish with this blog post.

Finding that advancement, that scientific leading nutritional edge is the trick. Great ideas usually don’t come knocking at our door or just jump off our flat screen and land in our brains. We have to be seeking answers. I hope that’s why you’re reading this post and visiting this website.

Education and awareness is an active process that never ends. That is my perspective why our nutritional uptake can actually improve over time in spite of the compromised factory food chain. The intellectual key, is to be on guard and not  be seductively  brainwashed into popular trendy eating paradigms…or fall into patterns of poor-choice gratification consumption. That’s a mouthful of hubris to absorb but it’s the truth. Easy to understand but hard to break the familiar patterns of our past choices.

Here is one recent nutritional idea that is brand new for me. Maybe the most important thing I’ve been exposed to in the past 23 years hanging around this industry. Maybe just maybe, this is THE Answer for the next  few decades.

As much and I love the Biometics and Youngevity products and will certainly continue taking them probably for another 23 years, I’m always open to what is new and possibly better.  After all, that’s how I found Biometics and Youngevity that changed my life… with an open mind!

27 days ago I was introduced to something new. Better? Not sure it should be categorized that way. Different….yes …radically different.

I know  four trusted people in America  who are getting “miracle” results in mere days on just two of these new products.

Have a watch at these three videos about the science behind these products. But even more important, look what happens to the blood under a microscope in less that thirty minutes!

I didn’t know about these new products or this company when I was battling my Lyme disease last winter, 2015-16. That’s why I didn’t write about them in MR. TEASEL My Hero. I just learned about them a month ago. My book about Lyme Disease can be found here:

If it was me, and I was just starting a protocol of teasel tinctures to mitigate Lyme symptoms today, I would most definitely also add in these two products to the “Nutrification Artillery Barrage” that I wrote about in the book.

If you have Lyme disease you will need all the immune boosting help you can get to beat those tough nasty spirochete bacteria. I clobbered them in 82 days … and my Lyme symptoms are now totally gone!

Will you get some type of radical health transformation like what happened to me? That is unknowable unless you try the same products like  I did to get rid of my Lyme disease. This Teasel Group website can get you hooked up with everything you need to get started.

Jim Lindl November 29, 2016

Jim Harvesting Wild Teasel In South West France

Jim Harvesting Wild Teasel In South West France

Jim Harvesting Wild Teasel In South West France

Jim Harvesting Wild Teasel In South West France

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