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Free Excerpts: Read About The Author’s Personal Lyme Healing Journey In 2 Free Excerpts from MR. TEASEL My Hero.

The First Window Into The Book – Excerpt One

MR. TEASEL My Hero (pages 92–94)

This first excerpt opens in Chapter 8 and gives the reader an idea of the rapid and profound healing that the author experienced only 11 days using the Teasel Protocol.

The Second Window Into The Book – Excerpt Two

MR. TEASEL My Hero (pages 117–121)

The second except parachutes the reader into the story on page 117, and gives an eye opener of the intimate tension and silent fury of a person wracked with crushing Lyme symptoms.

This second except occurs after Jim had been on the full Teasel Protocol for only 12 days and walked out of an orthopedic surgeon’s office on December 16th, 2015 in Périgueux, France. It was at this meeting that he learned the surgeon could not operate on his knee until they got the Lyme symptoms under control.

Understand that Jim had been semi-wheel chair incapacitated for months before this holistic protocol began and was in significant distress.

Before this Teasel Protocol began, he could walk less than 160 meters unaided. He was slated for imminent knee replacement surgery because his right knee cartilage had diminished to bone-on-bone, stage-four degeneration. There was no possibility of surgery after that meeting  because of acute Lyme symptoms. (Warning: This second five-page except contains some coarse vulgarity.)

The Two Windows Into MR. Teasel My Hero

MR. TEASEL My Hero was written in real time, so what you will read, is the unvarnished raw truth of what was going on in Jim’s mind.

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