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Dr. Wolf Storl – Healing Lyme Disease Naturally

For Lyme Disease:  Jim Lindl’s number one recommendation ( Even before buying MR. TEASEL My Hero) is to watch this 3 minute video clip By Dr. Wolf Dieter Storl. Dr. Wolf Storl – Healing Lyme Disease Naturally

Professor Storl had Lyme disease himself and beat it stone cold dead using teasel tinctures. It is from Storl, a noted German medical anthropologist, that Jim gained his insight how he could also win his loosing battle against Lyme. Storl’s book is repeatedly referenced in MR. TEASEL My Hero and is a central part of Jim’s comprehensive protocol. Dr. Storl is a must read in Jim’s opinion. His book became  a constant companion to Jim  during his 82 day miracle recovery from his debilitating Lyme symptoms.

Matthew Wood, Registered Herbalist

For Lyme Disease:  Once you enter the arcane world of herbalism and natural holistic healing as Jim did in November of 2015, you may want  deeper references as to the why and the how that these herbal tinctures work so effectively. Also, you may eventually ask, “Why do not more people talk about these ancient natural cures?”

Mathew Wood, acclaimed American Herbalist, and prolific author is the next stop in empowerment through shared knowledge.  This is a must read for the serious student of herbalism. This book is a seminal treatment of healing plants  and the lost practice of what  long ago was  mainstream healing knowledge, but today is dismissed as old, “Folk Remedies.”  The Book of Herbal Wisdom, by Matthew Wood, Matthew Wood, Registered Herbalist

Pindari Herb Farm

For The Curious Student Or The Serious Scientist: If you have advanced  your belief that herbal treatment is a worthwhile path to follow, the next question is obvious…what makes good herbal tincture and what makes them effective? What is involved from taking raw plant stock all the way to the tincture bottle?  Are all store shelf products equal in effectiveness? Jim feels that a noted Australian Pharmacist who turned full time herbalist has the credential to speak about tinctures and how they are made effectively. He explains a complicated subject in relatively simple terms..

Ken Atherton, who owned and operated the oldest pharmacy in Australia for 30 years, decided that herbalism provided a  better alternative solution for healing. He sold  his pharmacy, then bought an organic farm in Tasmania. From this farm he started an experiential teaching facility to enlighten people to the fascinating world of herbal remedies. On this beautiful remote Tasmanian farm, his family grows,  produces and teaches the “science” and the “energetic mysteries” of herbalism. For the advanced serious student who feels the need to make their own remedies, here is an excellent,  short paper discussion for small production of FPT (Fresh Plant Tincture) by Ken Atherton. Anybody can do this if they have a small garden and desire make their own Fresh Plant Tinctures from seed to bottle.

Practice and Principles of Making Fresh Plant Tinctures, Pindari Herb Farm ]

Pindari Herb Farm – Medicinal Herbs Seminar/Retreat

Education for the adventurous eco-tourist and budding herbalist,. This Tasmanian Pindari Herb Farms offers a seasonal, one week, small group farm stay with full hands on training to make your own herbal remedies. This is an expertly guided program to follow in the foot steps of Ken Atherton  and learn from  his decades of pharmacological and herbal healing knowledge on this unique island herbal farm he created in 1981. Pindari Herb Farm – Medicinal Herbs Seminar/Retreat

Herbiolys, News & Courses

Hands on  2 day herbal workshop borders on the European Exotic genre. If a person wanted to have a fabulous French country cultural experience but at the same time mix it with intense  herbal tincture study, then this is the two day course to consider. These folks are well known commercial producers in the Old World School, who infuse their philosophy of healing into every bottle. You will need  Google translate to read the site if you are a non French speaker.

Simply copy the URL, and paste it into Google translate, and the whole site can be understood. Jim, having lived in Old France himself since 2007, feels this would be an excellent experiential 2 day immersion to absorb the Old World influence on modern tincture production. Herbiolys, News & Courses