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The N. American Teasel/Lyme Tour 2018

We at the Teasel Foundation are very busy this year!

In January, we’ve quietly launched an epic cross country educational tour to share our collective knowledge about Lyme disease and our experience with Teasel Tinctures.

We’ve been busy trying to unravel the mysteries of Lyme disease since 2015. In that process, we are beginning to establish the beneficial relationship between Lyme disease symptoms , and Teasel Tinctures, in combination with a powerful nutritional protocol.

This first video clip outlines the purpose and scope of our interactive and educational cross country tour. Successive video clips will follow with direct first person interviews of people who are also experiencing personal breakthroughs with their Lyme disease symptoms. Our collective knowledge in combination with these inspiring stories may be of significant value to yourself of somebody you know with Lyme Disease.

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Jim Lindl March 2018.

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